terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

Prayer of Saint Louise de Marillac

Saint Louise de Marillac, who have known both suffering from the constraints of family, because you were deprived of the freedom to live your true calling to you to marry and thus suffered the bitterness of the difficulties in every way, intercede you with God to parents of our young people to know respecting the vocation that each one carries within himself, in the dignity and the right that God gives them.
Saint Louise de Marillac, who you were honored with the friendship of two famous priests who lived in the sanctity, Saint Francis of Sales and Saint Vincent of Paul, they who in the most important moments of your life, they showed to you a great light when you were in the dead end and could you live your vocation as helper of the poor, sick and unhappy. You founded with Saint Vincent of Paul the first nucleus of the Daughters of Charity, pray for us so that we do not live a life centered in ourselves, but on the needs so frequent  of our suffering brethren.
Through Christ our Lord.

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